Busy Professionals

Personal Training for your Mind

Due to advances in neurology, evidence based psychology studies and years of testing different approaches, I have developed a suite of exercises utilizing bilateral stimulation from EMDR, intensive resourcing and future templates from AF-EMDR, somatic sensing and shifting of negative energies through Trauma Resiliency Model skills, resolving of internalized negative messages through Gendlin's Focusing (more somatic techniques). This is like personal training for an upcoming event. It is not meant to be long term and you are meant to see outcomes within 3-6 months. If you have been working at overcoming the challenge previously, you might see quick results, building on your previous efforts, however, typically, significant brain rewiring takes approximately a year with intensive focus. We are going to leverage techniques that have been used for centuries, that anyone can use, that have been used by athletes, business people, creatives, scientists, parents, etc.

How does this Work?


  • 2 sessions of intake and discussion identifying maximum 1-2 targets to be shifted. E.g. intense fear of public speaking, anxiety when pitching yourself or your product, difficult responses to conflicted team environments.
  • Lots of homework working skills and reading to educate yourself on how and why these skills work with your nervous system. This is to save you time and money. The assumption is that you are reasonably skilled at processing information, you have had some if not significant success in your career, home-life, endeavors but find yourself stymied by a reaction to a particular situation.
  • A system by which you identify objective measures of whether or not you are moving toward your goals.


This is short term and intensive. If you have experienced bullying, abuse, drastic childhood abandonment, sexual assault anywhere across significant developmental stages (0-27 years of age, emphasis on the first 15 years), you should contact me and we will use safer, slower methods to find relief for you. The busy professional's program is designed to get around significant obstacles to success, not to heal developmental trauma. There is much less emphasis on core emotional responses and more focus on training, content. Imagine someone who has been going to the gym for years, has no injuries but just can't figure out how to bench more, or can't seem to deepen their stretching. This program brings to bear, everything we know about the mind, muscle memory, the nervous system and how to overcome mental or behavioral obstacles.

This program is content and homework dense. You will repetitively work a skill for 2 weeks straight, tracking your responses to the skill before honing, and moving on. If you do not have time to dedicate to homework for minimum 30 minutes a day, you should engage regular therapy.

Due to the speed of the program and the assumption that you will work the skills on your time, you can schedule 30 minute sessions. If you prefer to work the skills in session with the therapist present, you should book the usual hour.


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